Training lecturer (2)


Responsible for developing the company's training manual and courseware, and organizing the implementation of training

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above

2. 3-5 years of experience in the same position, proficient in training and planning, standard mandarin, good presentation skills

3, men and women, a good image, good temperament

Location: tongan district, xiamen

UI design engineer (1)


Responsible for interface design, APP development, VI design and brand flyer design of the company's iot projection

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above

2. 3-5 years working experience in the same position

3. Age and gender are not limited

Location: tongan district, xiamen

Planning copywriter (1)


Responsible for the design and planning of the company's product brochure, official website page design, official account page design, marketing manual, training manual design and planning

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above

2. 1-3 years of similar post experience

3. Age and gender are not limited

Location: tongan district, xiamen

Mall operation manager (1)


1. Overall responsible for the company's online and offline operation work and mall operation plan

2. Construction and management of mall operation team

3. Recruitment and operation support of mall agents/distributors

4. Promote and timely adjust marketing strategies and plans to ensure the implementation of marketing plans and achieve marketing objectives

5. Set operational performance targets for public shopping malls, and assist in the planning and implementation of market activities

6. Daily management of the operation team, standardize the business process, and achieve the company's operational objectives at all stages

7. High sense of responsibility and recognition of corporate culture

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, male or female

2. More than three years of website operation and management experience in e-commerce industry

3. Active thinking, creative thinking and logical thinking ability

Location: tongan district, xiamen

Business managers (several)


1. Responsible for customer maintenance training and new user opening

2. According to the recruitment and marketing plan of mall suppliers and category management, complete the investment attraction and operation targets of the mall

3. Explore new markets, develop new customers and increase product sales scope

4. Collected e-commerce market information and analyzed competitors

5. Responsible for the implementation of sales activities in the mall and the completion of sales tasks

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, more than one year working experience in sales industry

2. Extrovert, quick reaction, strong expression ability, strong communication skills and affinity

3. Have certain market analysis and judgment ability and good customer service awareness

4. Rich project operation experience in software industry

Location: tongan district, xiamen

Investment manager (several)


1. Dealing with agents, responsible for developing dealers and agents in the whole country

2. Developed customer information, established customer files, and maintained customer management system

3. Establish and maintain customer relations and actively facilitate transactions

4. Implement sales policies formulated by the company, and complete daily work indicators and performance indicators

5. Visit potential agents to complete the contract signing or invite customers to visit the company to complete the contract signing

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, 1 year working experience, clear intention to expand sales

2. Good image and temperament, infectious speech, good communication skills

3. Proactive, adaptable and good teamwork spirit

4. Strong adaptability and good at exploring the market

Location: tongan district, xiamen

Network promotion specialist (1)


1, site optimization and promotion, including page design and optimization, article editing, site content update, maintenance

2. Conduct detailed and systematic analysis of website traffic clicks

3. Responsible for the operation of external network environment and maintenance of user relationship

4. Publicize and promote the company's brand, products and activities, and evaluate and improve the promotion effect

5. Responsible for writing and publishing execution control of network communication copywriting, creative copywriting, advertorials, news, etc

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, major in marketing, computer Internet, e-commerce, advertising, computer, etc

2. At least 1 year working experience in network marketing, familiar with various network marketing methods

3. Strong website internal and external optimization ability

4. Good at collecting and editing information, good writing ability is preferred

5. Having done alibaba international station operation is preferred

Location: tongan district, xiamen

Key account manager (2)


1. Completed the sales task of the company's products to key customers in the industry

2. Responsible for the information collection of key customers and the demand mining

3. Made medium and long-term development plans for customers, and ensured the completion of various goals

4. Responsible for developing key customers, establishing good and stable customer relations, and maintaining existing customer resources

5. Wrote research reports and customer solutions for key customers

6. Analyze the consumption psychology of key customers and develop effective sales strategies

7. Conducted business negotiations, followed up and dealt with abnormal situations, participated in the formulation and signing of specific terms of the sales contract

8. Accurately controlled the project transaction and collection, and achieved the sales target

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, under 40 years old, more than 3 years of sales experience, can travel

2. Strong communication skills, able to calmly handle high-level negotiations and medium and large-scale training

3. Focus on efficiency, passion and strong sense of teamwork

4. Have keen market observation and marketing experience

5, have a certain network resources are preferred

Location: tongan district, xiamen

Front desk clerk (2)


1. Responsible for daily affairs of the company

2. Daily reception of visitors and delivery

3. Responsible for the daily work of the front desk

4. Communicated and sent documents of all departments

5. Complete other tasks assigned by the leader

Job requirements:

1. Familiar with various operations of computer and office software

2. Have strong sense of service, affinity and politeness

3, technical secondary school or above, professional unlimited

4. Good interpersonal communication skills and sense of responsibility

5. Female, 18-27 years old, good image and temperament, standard mandarin

6. Accept excellent interns and fresh graduates.

Location: tongan district, xiamen

Regional managers (8)


1. Responsible for the development of regional customer orders; Sales project business negotiation, contract signing, etc

2. Collected and analyzed market data, and took charge of timely feedback and follow-up of customer requirements

3. Completed the regional sales target set by the company as scheduled, and made and implemented personal weekly, monthly and quarterly market expansion plans

4. Responsible for project expansion and customer relationship maintenance in the national jurisdiction

Job requirements:

1. Love sales position, willing to challenge high salary, strong public relations ability

2. Age: 26-35 years old, college degree or above, major in marketing or electronic technology, etc

3. More than one year working experience, with practical customer resources and rich network resources is preferred

4. Practical, hardworking and able to travel regularly

5. Good executive ability and work creativity

Location: tongan district, xiamen